My Commitment and Testimonials


I am dedicated to creating the highest quality cremation jewelry. By handcrafting each memorial keepsake myself, I can ensure that your loved ones piece will be built with care, respect, and the utmost focus on excellence.

With over 15 years  experience working with glass and 10 years of making memorial jewelry, I know that this process is not only emotional, but also a very important part of the healing process. I am committed to walking beside you every step of the way, to ensure that upon the piece's completion, you have a treasured piece of art to memorialize your loved one. 

I want to ensure that my customers have a satisfying and streamlined experience while purchasing their memorial jewelry as the grieving process is different for every person. I am here to talk you through the process from start to finish, to ensure your keepsake brings you closure, long-lasting comfort and peace. 



I just wanted to say that I ordered a few necklaces with my sons ashes. I was referred to Lady Dragon Glassworks, with an amazing recommendation. I was thrilled with the patience, the compassion, the speed and beauty of the labour’s of love that she made. Not only are they a vessel to carry my boys ashes, but they are a true work of art. I haven’t even taken mine off yet and I got two different colours. Please. if you want any kind of work done, the starfish is beautiful too... Every single thing she does is breathtaking. Thank you Lady Dragon Glassworks for bring my boy closer to my heart ❤️ Ps, she doesn’t only do urn necklaces... she does many many unique pieces.  -Jaquie


I would love to thank Vanessa at Lady Dragon Glassworks for the amazing  necklaces she made for me with my little dogs ashes. They are absolutely beautiful and I am completely blessed to have a special piece of my precious Sugar with me and near my heart. I have had a lot of jewelry from Lady Dragon Glassworks over the years and I have never had even one break or get damaged. The quality of the work is phenomenal and the designs are so unique and beautiful. Thank you so much.  -Nicole


My experience was top-notch, and I’m super happy with how quickly you were able to get the work done. Thanks!  -Anonymous